Pod 1 Solo Performances

1. Lily Zanoff – “Stupid With Love” (MEAN GIRLS)
2. Sophia Schlict- “Live Out Loud” (A LITTLE PRINCESS)
3. Sabrina Springer- “Don’t Lose Ur Head” (SIX)
4. Rowan Powell- “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” (THE SOUND OF MUSIC) (additional verse by Rowan Powell)

Pod 2 Solo Performances

5. Liam Bailes- “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (THE LION KING)
6. Sofia Garritano-Wilkinson- “Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Tomorrow” (THE WIZARD OF OZ/ANNIE)
7. Bebe Wolfe- “Defying Gravity” (WICKED)
8. Robin Baranowski- “The Bare Necessities” (THE JUNGLE BOOK)
9. Sam Bailes- “Breaking Free” (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL)


Group Song- “Seize the Day” (NEWSIES)

Pod 1

Pod 1 Group Number: “Stepsisters Lament” (CINDERELLA)

Pod 2

Group Song- “Under the Sea” (THE LITTLE MERMAID)